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We provide a wide range of services and clinics for patients at our practice.

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Richmond Medical GP Practice Care Navigation You may have noticed that we now ask for a brief outline of your problem when you call to make an appointment at the ... [continue] Appointments

Flu Vaccines

We would really appreciate if patients attend our FLU clinics. We know that local pharmacies offer flu vaccinations and this may be more convenient for some of our patients, however ... [continue] Flu Vaccines

NHS health information

There is plenty of information to help you manage your health on the NHS Choices website. These buttons will take you to different sections of NHS Choices and you can ... [continue] NHS health information

Non-NHS services

Certain services are not covered by the NHS and your doctor is entitled to make a charge in line with the BMA scale of fees to cover the costs of ... [continue] Non-NHS services

Repeat prescriptions

Hyndburn Central Prescription Hub Prescription Orders Hyndburn Central Prescription Hub is closed for delivery of prescriptions and face to face patient queries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to ... [continue] Repeat prescriptions

Screening tests

We recommend the following regular check-ups: Cervical smears for ladies aged 25-64 at three yearly intervals For babies – Immunisation and developmental checks Blood pressure checks at least every year ... [continue] Screening tests

Self help

Don’t smoke (none of your doctors smoke) Don’t get overweight Take regular exercise Regular self-examination – breasts/testes Don’t ignore unexplained bleeding, weight loss or breast lumps Drink only in moderation ... [continue] Self help


Pharmacy First Treatment Scheme  For minor ailments, you can request from the reception a pharmacy first form and take it to our local pharmacy.  The pharmacist will discuss the condition ... [continue] Services

Sick certificates

You only need a doctor’s note if you are unable to work and are ill for longer than seven calendar days. Your employer will provide you with an SC1 self-certificate ... [continue] Sick certificates

Test results

Please contact the surgery after 14.00 to obtain the results of tests or X-rays. For reasons of confidentiality test results can only be given to the patient themselves or to ... [continue] Test results