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Pharmacy First Treatment Scheme 

For minor ailments, you can request from the reception a pharmacy first form and take it to our local pharmacy.  The pharmacist will discuss the condition and medication will be issued if necessary. He/she can refer you back to surgery to see a doctor if your condition warrants this. There is no need to see a doctor for minor ailments.

Child Health Surveillance

A child health and development service is offered to all children under five. Your child will receive invitations to attend for check-ups with the doctor and health visitor periodically and it is most important to attend. The health visitors are also available at other times for general health advice for adults and children.

Time: Wednesday 09.00 – 12.15

Vaccinations & Immunisations 

The practice regards the protection from disease by immunisation, particularly of children, as one of its highest priorities. The clinic is held on a Wednesday morning along side the Child Health Surveillance clinic.  Information about you or your child’s immunisation requirements can be obtained from the practice or your health visitor.

Time: Wednesday 09.00 – 12.15

Travel Advice & Vaccinations 

The nurse is able to give a wide range of travel health advice as well as the necessary travel vaccinations. Please make an appointment to see the nurse at least eight weeks before you intend to leave the country.


Regular check-ups and advice from practice nurses on lifestyle, inhaler techniques and medication.

Cervical Smear Tests 

The practice operates a call and recall service for women aged 25 to 64, who will be sent an invitation to have a smear every three years. Please tell the receptionist if you are coming for a smear so that enough time can be given.

Well Person Health Checks (MOT Clinic) 

The MOT clinic held by the nursing team is available for anybody to have: a general health check at any time. Height, weight, blood pressure, smoking and alcohol status are measured; urine tested and blood cholesterol levels measured if necessary. Based on these findings general advice on diet, exercise, smoking cessation and lifestyle is given.

Well Woman 

Recognising the special needs of women, the practice nurses have appointments to give advice on women’s health issues. Cervical smears and contraception advice can be arranged at this clinic.

Family Planning

Some family planning services are provided by the practice, please ask for details.

Maternity Care 

The practice offers full maternity care for expectant and nursing mothers. Antenatal clinics are held on a Monday and Thursday morning at the Oaks children and family centre.  The doctor carries out Postnatal examinations on a Monday afternoon and Friday mornings.

Time: Monday and Thursday mornings Oaks Children & Family Centre

Over 75 Years 

If you are over 75 years you are encouraged to have a health check yearly with the practice nurse. If you cannot attend the surgery please ask for a routine visit.

Asthma, COPD, Diabetic, Heart & Blood Pressure Clinics 

The practice holds regular clinics throughout the week for the management of patients suffering from asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. All aspects of these complex conditions are monitored. Appropriate advice and treatment are given where problems arise and referral to specialists arranged when required. The clinics are run by the practice nursing team in conjunction with the doctors. Ask at reception for an appointment if you have been diagnosed as suffering from any of these problems.

Community Drug Team 

The Community Drug Team holds a clinic every Tuesday afternoon. Arrangements for treatment can be made by consulting the doctor.

Time: Tuesday 13.30 – 16.30

Community Psychiatric Service

The practice will arrange for referrals to be sent to the Community Mental Health Team.  The service is available to those who feel they have problem(s) and require some help or advice.


Referrals are made by the doctor to a trained counsellor. Patients are seen in the main surgery on Tuesday mornings by appointment after they have opted in to the scheme.

Time: Tuesday 08.30 – 11.30