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Hyndburn Central Prescription Hub

hyndburn central prescription hub logoPrescription Orders

Hyndburn Central Prescription Hub is closed for delivery of prescriptions and face to face patient queries due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to provide a service for the patients of Hyndburn Central Primary Care Network in different ways – a process which will continue until further notice.

To ensure the continued safety of all our patients –and our staff there are now more options to order prescriptions during the Covid Outbreak.

Please Note: It is essential that you nominate a pharmacy to receive your prescription electronically during the pandemic.

The options to order your prescription are listed below.  If you have any concerns one of the ways to contact us regarding your medication is email, please see Point 3. below for guidance on this.

1. Online Application

Everyone can now order prescriptions online Via Apps such as MyGP & Patient Access amongst others.  Patients are advised to contact their respective practices via telephone if you have any queries. Please note if you are ordering a prescription via proxy, Patient Access will be the best app for this requirement.

2. Email

A temporary email address has been set up so that patients can send their prescription requests this way.  Patients and carers should state the following in their email:

Patient Name;
Date of Birth;
List of Medication Due;

The email address is:

3. Via Royal Mail post

Please post any prescription requests to:

Hyndburn Central Prescription Hub (1st Floor)
Acorn Primary Health Care Centre

4. Via the Exempt Telephone Line

This line is available for our most vulnerable patients.  Only if you are unable to order via the above mentioned options please contact your practice via telephone for more information – to check your eligibility to register for this exempt line.

The exempt telephone line is operational between 12:00 – 16:00.

Download these instructions as a printable document