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Suggestions, complaints and patient responsibilities

No organisation is ever perfect, but we constantly strive to give what we hope is the best service for the most number of people. We welcome suggestions and complaints as a way of finding what further improvements we can make. They should be directed to the practice manager or one of the doctors.

We operate an in-house complaints procedure so that difficulties you experience can be fully discussed and problems corrected where possible. If you are not satisfied with the initial response you may request a meeting at the surgery within 10 full working days of the complaint being made.  Alternatively, please contact NHS East Lancashire, Customer care department on Tel No: 01282 878653. If you feel that we have not fully satisfied your concerns you have the right to contact the independent Complaints & Advocacy Service (ICAS) on Tel No: 0845 120 3735.

Our aim is to treat you with respect, care, and courtesy, we ask that you do the same.  Please be on time for appointments, and let us know if you cannot attend a booked appointment.  Patients who are abusive or violent will be removed from our list and East Lancashire Primary Care Trust will make alternative arrangements for their healthcare.